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About us

A healthy business starts with a great idea and a solid business plan, but actually becoming successful and staying that way is the real challenge. Inizio Invest knows from own experience what it takes and offers entrepreneurs and young companies guidance on their way to growth and success.

Inizio Invest is active as an investor, involved sparring partner in strategic choices and coach in support of management. In addition, Inizio Invest uses its extensive network to achieve the set goals. Support in every way possible to contribute to the collective value creation.

Inizio Invest is interested in passionate entrepreneurs and young companies (early and later stage companies) with a strong focus on innovation in the broadest sense of the word. Based on a clear business plan and personal conversations, the need and requirements are determined. As an informal investor, Inizio Invest provides the required capital and participates in the company (medium term participation).

Our key requirements in short:

  • Investments between € 50,000, - and           € 500,000, - per participation
  • Preference for innovative companies
  • Potential for value creation
  • Medium term participation
  • Majority and minority interests
  • Management contribution required as to ones financial capacity
  • Companies are based in the Netherlands
  • Entrepreneurs with passion, knowledge and ambition

Our team

Debbie Wepster

Proactive collaboration and an open mind to improve processes, as a personal assistant and organizational development manager, I make sure everything runs smoothly within the organization.

"The entrepreneur's enthusiasm works contagiously."

Debbie Wepster works for 20 years as a personal assistant. With her extensive knowledge of HRM, legal, purchasing, quality management (ISO / VCU) and her experience in planning and organizing the most diverse events, she is often the connecting link between business partners, employees and the company.

Ing. Gert Jan van Leeuwen

As director and owner of Inizio Invest, I use my resources to help innovative entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I share my experience and knowledge as an entrepeneur in order to achieve a collective value creation.

"Inspiration & Knowledge are fundamental for a successful entrepreneurship."

Gert Jan van Leeuwen studied at The Hague University of Applied Science. From the very start of his working carrier, it was his ambition to become an entrepreneur. His first companies focused on the staffing and seconding of civil engineers and building & construction professionals. Today, he has extended his field of work to automation, real estate and project development